Friendster Profile Editor

Help with the Friendster Profile Editor

Below you'll find a selection of the questions I get asked most often - hopefully this section will help cut down on the massive amount of "help!!!" emails I seem to be getting on a pretty regular basis.

Nonetheless, if you've read through this entire section and still can't get things to work, you can always either shoot me an email at m AT or contact me through my profile on Friendster.

Be aware, though, that it might take me a little while to respond (and sending the same email 6 times won't speed it up, either).

Question What happened to all the CSS options that were previously in your editor? How come I can't change [insert profile element here]? And where's the Image Effects-page?
Answer During the first week of December 2006, Friendster radically changed the design of their Profile pages. From what I've heard they were getting kinda tired of people inserting malicious scripts, hiding their ads, and basically completely abusing the level of flexibility their previous CSS customization offered.

As an unfortunate side-effect of this, they modified the CSS customization system to only accept CSS styles from a public "whitelist" (it can be seen here) - everything else will be stripped out before it's parsed onto the profile page. The latest version of this editor supports every single style/class that is on their whitelist - but, yeah, that is still a lot fewer customization options than we had previously. And as Image Effects are no longer supported, I took that page down.
Question I really don't like the new profile page - can't I get the old one back?
Answer Nope. They're doing a forced migration over to the new Profile page sometime in January 2007, so if you haven't switched over on your own accord before then, it'll just happen automatically.
Question But why? Can't you do anything about that? Don't you work for Friendster?
Answer Yeah, that's a pretty common misconception.

I'm actually not affiliated with Friendster in any professional way - I co-own a digital design & development company called Cuban Council which is located in sometimes-sunny San Francisco, CA.
Question If you don't work for Friendster, why did you create this Editor?
Answer An ex-girlfriend asked me to do it.
Question There are a bunch of Friendster Profile Editors out there - what makes this one different?
Answer Prettier colors? Decent grammar & spelling skills? It actually works?

All kidding aside, when I created the first version of this editor, Friendster had just opened up the door to CSS customization, and there was nothing out there to help people customize their profiles. So building a tool that could help people in the noble pursuit of pimpin' out their profiles seemed like a rather good idea.

(Every single Profile Editor I've seen since then has basically just stolen the code I built and presented it as their own - which, as flattering as it is, also kinda pisses me off. Oh? You didn't think I noticed? Well, that's the nice thing about 1400+ lines of javascript code - it makes it very easy to hide an innocent looking line of encrypted copyright-information.)

Anyway ... the nice thing about this Editor is that it works like it should - it supports all the CSS that Friendster allows, it gives you a preview of what your profile will look with the changes (with actual content), and it doesn't indiscriminately spew out garbage CSS code like some of the competitors'. If you don't change a style from its default value, there's no reason to include it in the stylesheet, so the code that this Editor produces is pretty damn clean.
Question Help! I followed your instructions, but nothing changed on my profile!
What did I do wrong?
Answer Don't worry - sometimes it takes a little bit of time before you can see the changes you've made to your profile.

One thing you might want to check, though, is the status of a setting called "Safe Mode". Click the "My Settings"-link on the Friendster site, and look for "Safe Mode" in there. If it's turned ON, you cannot see any profile modifications - so make sure it's turned OFF.
Question When I click the 'Preview Profile'-button on the Editor, I see your profile, not mine? Why is that?
Answer If I wanted to show you your own profile when you were previewing it, I'd need to know your email address and your Friendster password - and as you should never give that kind of info out to a total stranger, I made a copy of my own profile page and am using that for previewing purposes.

Don't worry, when you copy the CSS you've generated into the CSS-box on Friendster's Customize-page, it'll affect your profile, not mine.
Question Can you customize my profile for me?
Pretty please?
Answer I wish I could, but I just don't have the time, unfortunately - every day I get a ton of emails from people asking for my help, and even though I'm happy to help out with problems with the Friendster Profile Editor, I'm just too busy to help out with the design of their profiles. I mean, that's why I built the Editor in the first place :)

My suggestion is to just play around with the Editor - change some values, colors, text sizes, etc, until you find something you like. The Preview-functionality at the bottom of the page is great for testing what your profile would look like with the changed values.
Question I want to add some music to my profile - can you help me?
Answer No, sorry - I can't help you with the inserting of MP3's, other audio files or music videos onto your page. Check out the page that Friendster put up about that. The same goes for people asking for free background images, free animated cursors, etc - do a Google search, there are tons of websites around with that sort of content.