Friendster Profile Editor

How to use Background Images in Your Profile

Below you'll find a small tutorial on using background images - I get asked about this pretty much every day, so I figured I'd save everyone some time and just put the information up here.

Using Images/Photos that you have seen or found online

If you have a page open in your web browser, and you're looking at the image/photo you want to use, that image is already online, and all you need to do is right-click on the image and choose "Show Image in New Window". When you do that, a new window with the image opens up, and you can copy the Image URL directly from the address bar in the web browser (tip: it always starts with "http://").

Try this on the test image below:
Test Image
The Image URL you have copied should be:

Using your own Images/Photos

If you have an image/photo on your computer that you want to use as a background-image, use the form below instead. Click the "Choose File"-button below and find your image on your computer, then click the "Upload"-button.

A new window will open up, and next to the field marked "Direct link to image" you will find the Image URL.

Generating the Background Image Code

Once you've copied the Image URL, go back to the Friendster CSS Editor, and paste the Image URL into the Background Image-textfield (it's the one that says "Image URL").

And, hey presto, when you click the "Generate Friendster Code"-button at the bottom of that page, it will then generate the code you need to have that background image on your Friendster profile.