Friendster Profile Editor

Welcome to Michael's Friendster Profile Editor!

This is a quick & easy profile code generator that allows you to customize and pimp out your own personal page on the social networking site, Friendster. And the best part is that you don't need to know any CSS or HTML to do this!

Do you want to add custom background images, go crazy with the colors, fonts and links, make your Friendster profile completely unique?

It's really easy with this editor - all you need to do is fill out the form below, click the "Generate Friendster Code "-button and then copy the resulting code into the CSS box at the bottom of Friendster's Customize-page.


Page Background
Background Color
Image URL (e.g., '')
Image Repeat
Image Position
Image Scroll?

Not sure about how you insert a background image? Click here for a handy step-by-step tutorial.

Global Text
Text Font
Text Color
Text Transform
Global Links
Link Text Color
Link Text Decoration
Global Links - Hover
Link Hover Color
Link Hover Decoration
Master Boxes & Headers

Here you can change all the content boxes & box headers at the same time - whatever styles you choose below will be applied to every single module box on your Friendster profile. If you wish to change the boxes individually, use the form fields in the section named "Individual Boxes".

Make All Boxes Transparent


Master Boxes BG Color
Master Boxes Border Color
Border Size
Border Style


Box Alternate Rows BG Color


Master Headers Font
Master Headers Color
Master Headers BG Color
Text Transform
Control Panel

This is the main box at the top of your profile - the one with the large photo of you, your data (Profile Views, Location, Hometown, Company, Your URL, etc) and the control panel buttons (Send Message, Send a Smile, Add Testimonial, etc.)

Control Panel Box BG Color
Control Panel Box Border Color
Border Size
Border Style


User Photo Border Color
Border Style


Data Labels Font
Data Labels Color
Text Transform


Data Text Font
Data Text Color
Text Transform


Data Link Font
Data Link Color
Text Transform


'More About Me' Font
'More About Me' Color
Text Transform


Panel Buttons Color
Panel Buttons BG Color
Panel Buttons Border Color
Panel Buttons Border Style


Panel Buttons Hover Color
Panel Buttons Hover BG Color
Panel Buttons Hover Border Color
Individual Boxes

If you select 'Use Custom Values' in the above dropdown, you can change the look of all the individual content boxes - like the Photo Gallery, More About Me, My Blogs, My Testimonials, etc. These styles will then override the styles you have set for the "Master Boxes & Headers" above.


In the Misc-section you'll find the styles for the small photo thumbnails (in 'My Friends' and 'My Testimonials'), the names below the small photo thumbnails and also for the global 'View All'-links. Switch the dropdown above to change these styles.

Generate Friendster Profile Code
Friendster CSS Code


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